Posted by: Hannah | 12/22/2014

in which i stuff candy canes in my ears

One hour left in the penultimate workday of the year, and it’s only in the last fifteen minutes or so that the wheels came off.

This morning, all was actually pretty peaceful. There was an extended period of outdoor play for everyone. The big boys locked themselves in Harry’s room for awhile and played King of Tokyo (they love yelling “release the kraken!” at full volume, because of course they do). I got laundry caught up, swept floors, vacuumed, tidied, organized. Christmas music was playing. It was lovely.

After lunch was OK, too. Daisy went for a nap. George & Louis went outside again. Then Ron made himself a Bane-style facemask out of an old egg carton cup and some pipe cleaners, and played Pokémon with Arthur. And Harry baked a spice cake because lord knows there isn’t enough carb-loaded food in the house right now.*

*Yes, there is.

But then. Oh then. Then the trouble started.

The kids have some balloons they got at a birthday party on Saturday. There are also a bunch of empty wrapping paper tubes kicking around. OBVIOUSLY, this means they should play balloon baseball. In the house. Then Harry started making up arcane rules to allow for baseball to be played by six children indoors with cardboard tubes and balloons.

This NEVER works. This always ends with Harry ranting in a higher & higher-pitched voice, until only dogs can hear it. Ron angry-cries. Arthur picks a side and yells. The little kids stand around, silently, waiting for them to sort it out so the game can continue.

Eventually all of these things happened, until I finally had to send Harry out of the room altogether to calm down a bit. The noise level was just too high. YOU ARE HARSHING MY MELLOW, SMALL HUMANS.

It is a little quieter now. I’m about to leave them in the playroom so I can start dinner. Tomorrow afternoon is the one day of the year when we watch TV – Muppet Family Christmas, because it’s my favourite and I’m the boss and I say so – and the clients bring me little gifts, which I appreciate too. Then we’re done until January 2nd.

So close…




  1. You are such an amazing caregiver. Nerves of steel, to boot!

    A glorious few days of peace and quiet! The comfort and joy we keep hearing about. So close. You can do it!

  2. Wishing you rest and Christmas spirit. I’m waiting for mine.

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