Posted by: Hannah | 03/18/2015

always winter, never xmas

Halifax has had two major winter storms in the past three days. This after a solid seven weeks of constant snow/rain/flash freeze, and no thawing or melting as we are used to.

The result is the most snow I’ve seen since White Juan back in 2004. It’s ridiculous. The snow is level with – or in some cases over the top of – my seven-foot high backyard fence. The swingset is buried. The dog had to swim through drifts over his head this morning to go have a pee.

I actually looked at the backyard today, realized that it will be at least a month before I can put the dayhome kids out there to play, and burst into tears. I then spent the rest of the afternoon going restlessly from window to window, following the same circuit as my cat, staring out at the ice planet of Hoth and trying to tell myself that at least the spring ant migration will be late this year.

11070175_10155352350260422_5407079272006044760_n (1)

That’s my front yard. That’s my seven-foot fence. This picture was taken five hours before it stopped snowing.




That’s Harry and Salty, trying to get across the deck to the backyard.

And then Netflix started loading slower than usual, and I realized I’m actually tired of stormchips so I can’t even have those, and the kids started squabbling over who got to play with the Iron Man Lego minifig (and we have TWO, for fuck’s sake).

Did I mention it’s March Break? Because it totally is.

At least I had a snow day today. The power didn’t go out, and we have lots to eat. We’re warm and comfortable and safe.

But DAMN. Mother Nature, we’ve had enough. You’ve won. Please, have mercy.




  1. I was thinking about you this morning. In the midst of the blowiest blowy bits of the storm I wondered how many parents called to ask if you were working today. I hope the answer is none. I wondered though.

    You have a VERY snow filled yard! Holy Hoth!

    Perhaps we should install “Tauntaun Parking” signs and hope a magical beast arrives to get us through the remainder of our swell March Break. We won’t be doing much of anything else. *sigh*

  2. Yew that’s a lot of snow! Any way you could toss the kids out in it anyway? As a kid, I always DREAMED of having snow over my head so I could make a polar bear den. It was, like, my life dream. But living in Mississauga followed by the Caribbean I never got to have that kind of a winter…

    • Oh, we have played in it a lot, but even the hardiest of children can only handle about 90 minutes before they freeze. We’re just all very, very tired of it, you know?

      • I can imagine!! It’s crazy this late in the year.

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