Posted by: Hannah | 03/20/2015

lessons from Hoth

What have we learned from our enforced isolation this March Break week?

  1. Making fun of Michael for buying a snowblower when we have a flat, paved driveway was ill-advised on my part. See, growing up I lived at the top of a 300+ft rutted dirt drive, up a steep hill, around a corner and through the woods. We shoveled that sucker by hand. All six of us, in a brigade. Our own driveway seems ridiculously easy by comparison… until you dump 3 feet of snow in it, in three days, on top of a seven-inch ice layer.
  2. Never underestimate the capacity for small children to memorize trivia. Two weeks ago we bought Lego Marvel Superheroes the video game. All three of my kids now can cheerfully rattle off the names and abilities of Marvel characters I’ve never heard of. They know their secret identities, their powers, their weaknesses and back stories and how? HOW?? Half of this information isn’t even in the game, as far as I can tell. Last night I tried to put George to bed and when I said “good night, George!” he replied “no, mom, I am HULKBUSTER SUIT. I’m in GOING TO SLEEP MODE. Now kiss Lovey Puppy goodnight.”
  3. Sometimes you just need to bake something with no nutritional value whatsoever. I made butterscotch pinwheels yesterday and damn, food! You so tasty.
  4. I am tired of the word “self-care”. Everyone is using it a lot as winter drags on (and on). Self-care is important! I do not deny this. But “eating” and “sleeping” and “putting on pants” are not self-care – they are basic tenets of human survival and dignity. Have higher standards, people. And stop instagramming your breakfast & then linking it to Facebook and Twitter.
  5. George hates bright winter light. The morning sun comes in through the dining room window, and the walls are painted a soft yellow, so it’s lovely. Cheering. Bright. Unless you’re George, who insists that the dining room light be off while he’s eating, thanks so very much, and today he burst into tears when I said “buddy, that light is the sun. I can’t turn off the sun!”
  6. It is actually possible to get tired of stormchips.

That’s all I’ve got. A list of six things? Crazy business. (You all don’t know how hard it is for me to leave this list at an odd number. Not five or ten items, but SIX. My heart itches.)



  1. Six is not an odd number, honey. It’s an even number.

    Trivia-absorption is a small-boy superpower. My boys can tell you the location and capital city of pretty much every country in the world, the ranking in the leagues of every British football team, the number of goals each player has scored… it’s frightening.

    • Ha, by ‘odd’ I meant ’round’. I’m bad at math but not THAT bad.

  2. Little cross border confusion here. What are snow chips?

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