Posted by: Hannah | 04/09/2015

Ron, at seven

Dear Ron,

Tomorrow you are seven, and I’ve spent the week composing and re-composing your birthday post inside my head. Then today I got an email from another mom about you, and this is what she said:

Ron stood up for my son last week over some easter bunny kerfuffle, and I was super-impressed. He told me that Ron made his top five favourite people (the rest being held by family members.)

This would have been enough for me, because to be self-possessed enough at six to stick up for a friend? I wasn’t that confident at six. I’m barely that confident at thirty-six! So I was already feeling pretty proud of you just from reading that one note.

When you got home from school, I asked you about it. This is what you told me:

Oh, that. Yeah, well, this other kid was teasing my friend, because since he’s Jewish he doesn’t believe in the easter bunny. And the kid said “you HAVE to believe in the easter bunny, just like you HAVE to believe in god!” And I told him that you didn’t, that nobody has to believe in anything particular, and that you can’t make fun of people who believe different things than you. So the teacher heard us, and he asked if I wanted to talk to the class about it, so I did! I told them about the big bang and how old the universe is, and how I love science. And I said that I don’t believe in god, but that it doesn’t make me any less of a person, and that we can all believe different things and that’s OK.

That story, right there, perfectly captures YOU, my awesome little dude. You are smart, and you love science and learning. You are compassionate, and brave, and loving. You see all sides of an argument with an ease that I have yet to master. You are fiercely loyal to your friends (you call them “my buds” and it’s a small circle but very close-knit). You have a self-possession that amazes me.

This year was also the year that you really came into your own, as separate from your big brother. You love him so much, and you guys still spend lots of time together, but this year you finally became comfortable with focusing on different passions. So you aren’t playing baseball this summer, but you are taking weekly art classes at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. You discovered Minecraft, and plunged in with both feet, deciding to try recreating Middle-Earth as your project. You have a big bag of art supplies and you take very good care of them, painstakingly capping every marker and replacing every pastel stick when you’re finished with them.

You love goofy humour. Dav Pilkey is your favourite author ever, and the grosser the joke, the better. You think puns are the highest form of comedy and you will always, always pull someone’s finger if they ask.

You still love Lego more than any other toy ever invented. The more you have, the more you want. You have started designing your own elaborate creations and they are oddly specific (“this is Erebor after Thorin Oakenshield went cuckoo for cocoa puffs and bricked up the door”) but always charming.

You still hate mushrooms and probably always will, but you are very adventurous about other foods. For your birthday dinner you requested chicken fajitas with guacamole, and a carrot cake. You keep trying to learn to like tea because you told me once that you like the idea of it, but the taste is always disappointing. You love Indian food, and we took you for a po-po platter at a Chinese restaurant and flambé at your table enchanted you completely. You hate pop but will never refuse ice cream. You will only eat soup if it is homemade, and you have refused to take school pizza anymore because “the sauce is bland and the dough is soggy”. You’re in danger of becoming a food snob but it’s so darn cute that I don’t even mind.

You are very excited about our vacation this summer because we’re going to see some museums AND the National Art Gallery. You’re throwing yourself into birthday party planning with creativity and enthusiasm (and I hope your dramatic plans for the cupcakes turn out!)

You are bright, and inquisitive, and sweet. You like to cuddle with me and rub my belly (“it’s squishy and makes me feel soothed”). Sometimes you Cop An Attitude, but it never lasts long and your apologies are always sincerely tendered and freely offered. You are not fond of chores and will duck them whenever possible, but you will also dig patiently through a bin of Lego to find the missing pieces for the dragon to keep George happy, and that’s a good thing.

We can’t imagine our lives without you. You’re a special kid, and we’re privileged to watch you grow up.

Love always,





  1. What a special guy! Aw! Happy Birthday! Lucky number 7.

  2. Aw man, what a great kid. 7 is such a great age – mostly independent but not tweeny yet, a sense of humor about as sophisticated as my own, and all around good times! Happy Birthday!

  3. He’s awesome. You must be so proud!


  4. The cupcakes were amazing! What a guy!

    Happy, Happy, Birthday!

  5. Geez – my kids suck. 🙂 What an amazing little person you made.

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