Posted by: Hannah | 04/26/2015

stuff & nonsense

The sun came out yesterday morning, and this morning it’s here again. There is almost no snow left on my property (still plenty in the woods, I’m told) and the birds are singing like mad.

All of this has given the kids a burst of energy, and it is manifesting as non-stop chatterboxing. It’s intense even for them. Also Ron & George were sick for most of the week – they aren’t anymore, although George is on two puffers – and now that they are feeling better they are bouncing off the damn walls.

Today I’ll need to take them on a forced march through the wilderness, or something. My poor ears are ringing softly from the never-ending stream of consciousness pouring out of their mouths.

Speaking of never-ending streams of consciousness, my tenure as chair of the school advisory council is almost done. So close now… of course a Problem Requiring My Attention got dropped on me Thursday afternoon, and I’ve got some work to do for it today. This year will surely go down in the annals of history as one of the worst years any school council chair ever had to contend with. We’ve had the roof being replaced over the kids’ heads in a project that was supposed to take three months and actually took seven. We’ve had three “acting” principals. The PTA president was forced out in a hostile takeover. The police were called by a parent who felt that the drop-off / pick-up zone was too dangerous for kids (she’s not wrong, but still.)

I will be very glad to see the ass end of it, is what I’m saying.

My birthday is this Wednesday. I’ll be 37! And my 20th high school reunion is next summer so I’ve been humming “Sunrise, Sunset” a lot. I told Michael I only have a year to lose forty pounds and build my alcohol tolerance back up so I can have more than two drinks without praying for the sweet release of death the next morning. I plan to replace all of my food with booze as a way to kill two birds with one stone. (Kidding. Well, mostly. All the weight I so painstakingly lost last spring & summer has come back, and I’m just worn out at the thought of starting again. I know I have to, but fuck me, if I think how many years of my life I’ve spent thinking about my weight it gets really, really depressing.

Michael took me out shopping last night. I got a cute purse and some nice sandals, which was cheering. I haven’t actually had a proper purse in, well, years. (Diaper-bag chic is a thing, right?) And I’ve never, ever had a purse that wasn’t Black and Sensible. Go me!

Of course now the purse wants me to dress up and take it places, but today is laundry & chores. I don’t know how to carry a kicky purse while doing chores but there has to be a way, right?



  1. Every time you mention it, I am amazed you do you school council stuff. Anytime someone says to me, “You should think of running for…” I run so fast in the other direction that the person falls over from the vacuum. I will do a lot for my community but no. No. No no no no no.

    • School council seemed like a reasonable time commitment when I was just another worker-bee… and it was. Eight meetings per school year. Once I became chair, it was different. Different and SO VERY BAD.

      Which reminds me, I have to review the minutes from the last meeting this morning. Ugh.

  2. We need pictures of the new sandals and purse!

    I really loved my high school reunion. I found that we all turned into a really nice group of people! I hope you have the same experience. xo

    • I’ve kept in touch with many of the folks from my high school – Facebook has really changed the dynamic and purpose of the reunion in my opinion. And since my ideal reunion would be the one from Grosse Point Blank (up to and including Assassin John Cusack as my date, RAWR), I don’t know that this will measure up. 😉

  3. The endless noise coming from my 3 girls talking… the ringing ears. Yes. Read this today, thought of you:

    • That blog post was delightful, I loved it!

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