Posted by: Hannah | 08/26/2015

one step

After yesterday’s post, I got an awful lot of support from people urging me to seek help.

Each one of you – thank you.

I phoned my doctor and have an appointment for September 15th, once all the kids are back in school.



  1. Glad to hear this. In the meantime, just do your best to be gentle with yourself.

  2. I am so friggin’ proud of you! 😀

  3. Hey sweet thang, I’m on me jollies WI uber limited wifi. Hope all a well, or will be xxx

  4. Love you x

  5. Wow, way to go! Making appointments is awful even under the best circumstances.

  6. I missed all this, as I have been slammed this summer. (also, I think I mostly lurk on blogs, I never feel like I have anything to say).

    I’m glad you made this appointment! I know it can be a hard thing to do.

    In the meantime, I hope you can be easy on yourself.

  7. So glad you took the step to ask for help.

  8. Hurting for you – please message me if you want to talk. You know I’ve been there.

  9. I hope the appointment is helpful!

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