Posted by: Hannah | 11/01/2015

day 1

November! Month of grey skies, four days off school for Questionable Reasons, candy hangovers and Christmas decorations going up too early and cold November rain.

However, it’s also the month of NaBloPoMo, and that is my annual reset button on blogging. I am really finding it a challenge to write lately, so once again I’ll tackle the “post a day for a month” challenge and see if that reignites my enjoyment or puts the nail in the coffin once and for all.

Let us begin by discussing the colossal weirdness that was Halloween and the time change landing on the same weekend. I really, really want to know who decides the date for the time change, so that I may go to their (presumably child-free) house and kick them right in the junk. Most kids, if their parents are being honest, get up stupid early the day after Halloween anyway, because they are looking to comb through their hoard and cram as much into themselves as they can before their parents wake up and start setting limits. Most parents will also tell you that kids, with an unerring knack for being jerks, will wake up earlier on time change morning, too. Combine the two and your three year old wakes you up at 5:45AM (which is actually 4:45AM, dear god) yelling “I have so many PopRocks! I don’t even like PopRocks!”


Anyway, I took all three boys trick or treating by myself this year, and we had a great time. We went fairly far down the road, met lots of new people who moved here since last October, and got large sacks of loot for our pains. This was the first year that all of my kids wore costumes that our (mostly elderly) neighbours could identify. Usually they go for obscure things, like “elven wizard” or “Frodo Baggins”, and then they are disappointed when no one recognizes them. This year, they all played it a bit more safe:

CaptAmerica HarryPotter ninja

It was actually really cute to see the elderly men light up over Captain America. They were totally geeking out. One older neighbour, who I have never seen except on Halloween night, sitting in his armchair while his wife answers the door, actually got up and came over just to look.

So that was fun.

This morning we all have candy hangovers and since it’s a grey, rainy day, I’m looking forward to movies, maybe some baking, and just generally taking it easy after yesterday’s bacchanalia.

If you’re also going to try NaBloPoMo, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my very best to offer encouragement!




  1. Oh, it’s on, baby. When I realized it was the time change this week-end I said to my friend “oh, it’s the good one again, because we don’t have little kids anymore”. It’s a special kind of hell when gaining an hour is ruined by your kid being an a-hole. I slept extra late today even though Matt left for Florida at the ass-crack of dawn, and STILL kept nodding off while reading. I need to get my iron levels checked, or get tested for narcolepsy or something.
    See you tomorrow. xo.

  2. Great costumes! They are posing very “in character.” My kids both had that exact ninja costume–the same year, the only year they coordinated in any way.

    I decided last night to do NaBloPoMo–okay, TRY to do it.

    • You can do NaBloPoMo! You can!

      My kids love their cosplay. I’m sure they’ll be the “Attending Cons In Full Battle Dress” type in a few more years.

  3. I came looking for day one as I missed it yesterday. Proud of you for taking on this challenge!

    • Poor Stephanie, you probably read that explosion of whining and backed away from your computer in horror. ❤

  4. I’m not a big “awwww” person, but the Captain America story made me aw. Captain America! He’s a uniter, not a divider like everyone else in my damn country these days!

    • It was so sweet. It made me want to take them all a copy of the new Captain America movies. Chris Evans is so great in that role!

  5. They look so cute!

  6. I’m just coming to say that I’ll get in line right behind you and add an extra kick in the junk. Fall back was an even bigger FU this year than usual. BAH

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