Posted by: Hannah | 11/03/2015

day 3

So many of you have children that would be better suited to life on a dairy farm! We have mused many times about just moving to the country and monetizing the children’s propensity for getting up early. Apparently we could all live on the same commune, mainlining coffee while our early-rising spawn milk the cows and gather the eggs.

I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache that morphed into a migraine by mid-morning. One of those migraines where you walk around all day with one eye closed, because the light touching it is just unbearable. I actually contemplated wearing Ron’s pirate costume eye patch to go pick up George and Daisy at preschool; when I say “contemplated” I mean “found it in the costume box and actually wore it out to the car, but then realized having no depth perception while driving was a bad idea”.

However, I managed. I did laundry and baked muffins with Charlie; I did a science experiment with the school kids. I made chicken parmesan for supper because I’m a glutton for punishment, and then this evening I had a doctor’s appointment.

There may be things more unpleasant than getting a pap test while you have a migraine. Sliding down a banister made of razor blades and landing in a vat of iodine, say. Or sitting through a school council meeting about Winter Carnival Week. However, I would argue that having a pap exam is up there. My doctor is a kind, gentle woman who delivers a lot of babies. She does a pap in about five minutes flat, but still, it was not where I wanted to spend a chilly rainy November night.

Now I’m finally home. I’m wearing my jammies and drinking a cup of chamomile tea. I’ve been binge-watching Fringe on Netflix (have ya’ll seen it? It’s a great fun show. Owes a debt to The X-Files but doesn’t take itself too seriously) and so I have a date with scruffy Joshua Jackson.

I’m comfortable with that.


Hey girl, thanks for always being Team Pacey.



  1. Pap. Berg. Thanks for the reminder. Ugh.
    (Maybe I’ll save it for February which is gross, save for my birthday, anyway.)

    OH EMM GEE! I loved Fringe (dot) soooo much!

    We used to watch together and I didn’t know it was on Netflix and now I do and well – SEE YOU NEXT SPRING!

    Here’s to a happy Wednesday!
    (Also, day 3! W00t!)

  2. Sorry about the migraine. I hope that goes away and stays there. 💛

  3. Oh Hannah, that is a huge bucket of suck. You’re my hero for not kicking the kids out and locking yourself in your bedroom.
    I loved Fringe. Been thinking about rewatching. Also, I have a pap booked in February. 😛

  4. We call a ‘pap’ test. A ‘smear test’
    How attractive does that sound?

  5. Talk about adding insult to injury. But you were very funny about it. Hope the migraine is gone now.

  6. Bleh the last time I got a pap awhile back the doctor was like “oh, you have a small cyst there, let’s just take care of it right now. You might feel some light cramping . . . I was like WAIT, WHAT? OUCH. It didn’t really last that long, but I’m the kind of person who prefers some wait time between finding something weird and dealing with it. I’m not a seize the moment kind of gal. I bought cupcakes on the way home to sooth myself. Stupid pap.

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