Posted by: Hannah | 11/06/2015

day 6

Sunday I ordered an Advent calendar from David’s Tea, because the fact that I’m an atheist shouldn’t mean I can’t celebrate Xmas or Advent, right?

Also, tea.

Every year I start hearing about these Advent calendars ’round about December 7th, and I always think ooh, a tea advent calendar! That’d be great! Then I find out you have to order them in early November because they are a Popular Item That Sells Out Fast, otherwise known in my world as The Hot New Toy Your Kids Aren’t Getting Because You Didn’t Buy It Soon Enough.

But this year, thanks to Twitter, I was able to order one. And it arrived in due time, and I just keep opening the flap so that I can breathe the lovely chocolate-cardamom-ginger smell, and all of a sudden I’m very keen for December to arrive so I can start tasting.

With my order I was invited to select three free samples as well, so tonight – a very dark, foggy night – I brewed up a pot of the Gingerbread Cookie flavour. I have a haphazard but much-loved collection of antique teacups that I almost never get to use, so I got some of those out and poured cups for myself, Michael, Harry, and Ron. George doesn’t like hot drinks and I don’t like giving 3 year olds irreplaceable antiques for fun, so I poured him his before-bed drink of water in a heavy-bottomed whisky glass. (I know, I know, but it was fancy enough to satisfy him and also hard to tip over).

I know I’m an old woman because this passes for a fun Friday night, but it was such a perfect moment. The tea, first of all, was delicious; sometimes flavoured teas smell really nice but just taste like hot with a trace of chemicals, but this tasted like a gingersnap. The kids were relaxed and chatty. The chores were done, we don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow until just before lunch, and I had a client interview this afternoon that went well. Everyone was just feeling good and we were all happy to be together. It was really nice.

It was also a tea party, which is a win. Who doesn’t love a tea party?



  1. This is amazing. What a nice way to end this nice week. : )

    You have such a sweet family.

    Happy Friday!

    • Awww, thanks. They definitely have their moments. ❤

  2. Very nice!

  3. YOU HAD A TEA PARTY! That’s fun – next time you should all wear HATS. Or you should wear a hat, at least. I’m kind of jealous! My Friday night was pretty good though – it was the family dance, and my kids are old enough that we LEFT THEM THERE AND WENT TO THE PUB.

    • THIS is how you do a family dance. AT THE DAMN PUB, LIKE CIVILIZED PEOPLE.

  4. I love a tea party. I also love catching up with all your excellent writing. Tea is goood. and now I want to try this gingersnap one.
    And now I need to fulfill a “someday” with my kids and make them some raspberry tea.

    • I’m telling you, this gingerbread cookie tea is the best flavoured tea I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the flavours taste like!

  5. I have mismatched china cups from Matt’s grandmother that I never use too – other than when Matt pulled them out for silly props for the Christmas pictures last year, which I loved. Eve used to HATE tea, but some of the David’s flavoured teas have been bringing her around. I love that you had a tea party. And thanks so much for the tip about the Advent Calendar – it’s so pretty, and I’m so excited for December 1st! Sort of! Not really, but it will suck slightly less now!

  6. I picked up one at the local mall the other day, too. I like the idea of tea but never actually make it. I am hoping that if I make myself do it every day for a month it’ll get me in the habit. Also that way I get to try all the seasonal teas without spending billions of dollars on tea I never actually drink.

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