Posted by: Hannah | 11/12/2015

day 12

You know what sucks? Lego-branded children’s TV shows. I love Lego, and it has given countless hours of joy to every member of this family including me, but the TV shows are objectively the worst thing ever.


This morning I sat George down and said, calmly but firmly, that if he screamed at preschool drop off he would not be getting any of his treasured midday the-other-kids-are-napping screen time. We discussed it until he clearly understood the potential consequences of his bullshit.

And he did it! Pouted a bit, needed five hugs (one-two-three-four-five), but no tears! No screaming!

(The teacher told me at pickup time that he did yell a bit when there wasn’t enough snack for a second helping. Whatever, he was probably starving from all that behaving.)

And so here we are – I’m getting today’s blog post in and sitting with him while he watches Lego: Ninjago, which isn’t Caillou-level bad but is still pretty damn terrible, really.




  1. But you kind of win this round, no? 😀

    I like the Lego Star Wars stuff. It is funny.

    My kids never got into the Ninjago thing. Whew!

    There goes day 12!

  2. Whatever works! (Except I too would draw the line at Caillou, that whiny little jerk.)

  3. Oh yes, Lego Ninjago. There was a brief moment in time when Jake liked that – but it passed, whew.

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