Posted by: Hannah | 11/15/2015

day 15

Remember the show Trading Spaces? Man, I loved that show. It premiered when Michael and I had just settled into our first apartment together; I’d never had cable before, and I spent many, many weekends sprawled on the couch with our kittens, watching Trading Spaces marathons and wondering if I could ever possibly do any of the DIY projects featured in every episode.

For example – re-covering dining room chairs.

Well, this weekend, with encouragement from a lovely friend, I did it. I tackled re-covering all eight of my tired, worn, goodness-a-lot-of-children-have-eaten-at-my-house chairs.

It was wretched. The old faux-leather covers were attached with approximately eleventy-million staples. I don’t have a staple remover because why would I have the right tools for the job? That’s for hippies and the weak-minded. Instead I pried up the staples with a flat screwdriver and then yanked them out one by one with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. My right arm aches, my back is seized, the kids were getting emotionally-invested in how many staples there were and even Michael took pity on me and de-stapled two of the chairs while I rested. (“This is insane,” he announced, “that chair had at least 100 staples in it. I’m backing away from this whole thing right now.”)


They are done now, and they look so much better. From a dark chocolate brown to a lovely striped pattern in greens, blues, and purples. It has brightened up my whole dining room. The chairs look much newer, too, as the old faux-leather had cracked on some of them, and then Certain Children Who Shall Remain Nameless *coughRonandGeorgecough* had picked at the loose bits until three of the chairs had unsightly holes in the fabric.

The unfortunate thing is that now I can barely make my fingers move nimbly enough to type, and I have a blister on my right forefinger from wedging the screwdriver under the staples over and over again.

But! I posted! While sitting on one of my nice new chairs.

And with that, I’m over half-done the NaBloPoMo challenge for another year.

Anybody know when People Magazine is coming out with their Sexiest Man Alive issue? That’s always good for a post or two.



  1. Pictures! Pictures! Our chairs are also desperate for a recovering and I need some finished product, Trading Spaces-like inspiration.

  2. Oh man, that sounds like it was way more strenuous than it should have been. But I’m glad you like the results! I think I saw a pic on The Demon Facebook but you could always get another post out of posting a pic here tomorrow.

    I LOVED Trading Spaces.

  3. The chairs look GORGEOUS and I’m so impressed that you not only started that job but finished it. (I’m confused by the hippies comment, though – hippies would have the right tool for the job? Wouldn’t a hippie try to get it done with a bong and some happy thoughts?)

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