Posted by: Hannah | 11/18/2015

day 18

Well! I started with a new client yesterday and holy crap, you guys, she’s adorable and I. Am. Exhausted.

She’s part-time, afternoons only, which normally I would never have agreed to, but times are tough and clients are scarce. Our usual naptime / quiet time starts at 1pm, which is exactly the time she arrives. What used to be my daily time to make dinner, do chores, drink tea, write, and hang out with George uninterrupted has become an exercise in keeping a bald drunken Ewok safe and entertained.

She’s 17 months, she only has a couple of spoken words (“wah dis?”, “ball”, “woof”) but loads of baby-sign words (I only recognize about half of them); she’s a little unsteady on her legs still and is carried everywhere, all the time, by her kind & doting parents.

She’s an only child and has never been left with anyone but her grandparents, until yesterday.

She’s fitting in well, she really is. She only cries when I have to change her diaper or get her dressed to go outdoors. She’s still horrified when the other kids won’t let her just walk up and take their toys away, but she likes to play with them and seems quite engaged in things.

But man, I had forgotten how much work a little one that age can be. Add that Charlie is potty-training this week, and Harry has to practice Christmas carols on the recorder every day, and everything George is going through with his goal to drive mommy insane… well. It’s no damn wonder the door-to-door insurance salesmen that knocked at 1:30 today got very short shrift from me. JUST NOT ONE MORE THING, PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY.

Anyway. People magazine came out with their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue and I will be blogging about it, as per usual, but in brief – David Beckham? I… was he due, or something? He’s not unattractive but his day was a good solid ten years ago, if not more. So – colour me confused.



  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT. SMA is out now? And it’s David Beckham? Well, I suppose People has to pander to a certain audience and yet…

    17 months is such a cute, tiring age. Does she nap in the afternoons at all?

  2. Sounds like she is going to fit in just fine.

    Great news!

  3. “bald Drunken ewok” hahahahahahaha

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