Posted by: Hannah | 11/20/2015

day 20

I mentioned this before, but Michael and I have been frantically binge-watching Fringe on Netflix for the past month or so. Two or three episodes a night, for weeks, and we’re at the halfway point now.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s just really well-done, with an appealing cast and inventive storylines.


Okay. Briefly, Fringe is a story of two parallel Earths. The conceit is that Earth-2 is almost identical to ours, with slight differences accounted for by changes in milestone events. So, for example, people still travel in airships because the Hindenberg disaster never happened; John F. Kennedy was never assassinated; and Eric Stoltz was the star of Back to the Future.

We also learn that everyone on Earth-1 (or almost everyone) has an Earth-2 counterpart. So, our heroine Olivia finds out that there is Another Olivia, and at the end of season 2 Ourlivia is stranded on Earth-2, Fauxlivia travels to Earth-1 and takes over Ourlivia’s life, and within a few short episodes gets all up in Peter, Ourlivia’s work partner and will-they-won’t-they love interest.

It’s much more compelling than I’ve made it sound.

Eventually the deception is uncovered and the Olivias are returned to their respective universes, but by then Peter has had a two-month love relationship with Fauxlivia, and it’s a really interesting and creepy conceit. Would you notice if your partner was swapped with someone genetically identical, but in personality quite different? What would you think? And when it was revealed, which one would you actually be in love with?

I know, right? You should go watch it now.

Anyway, the point to all of this is that Michael and I have (naturally) been cracking jokes about our alternate-universe dopplegangers. I think this is why I had the very vivid dream last night that Michael was keeping a hot young blonde thing on the side – because he looked like Michael, and sounded like Michael, but he certainly didn’t act like Michael.

You know when you have dreams that your partner does something terrible, and you wake up unable to shake the feelings that brings up? I woke up Terribly Sad. I even cried a little bit, which is strange. He was so patient as I felt bad for myself because dream-Michael left me for a meaner, blonder, younger, smarter lady.

M: It’s really awful that you had to dream that.

Me: It is! I just feel rotten right now! And fat. And old. And stupid.

M: You are none of those things. [hug] Your sub-conscious has some issues.

Me: I know, right? Stupid brain.

M: And you didn’t even dream yourself a Compensatory Hemsworth?

Me: Knowing my luck, it wouldn’t be Chris or Liam. It would be the not-handsome third brother.

M: It’s the brand name that’s the important thing, really.

Then we laughed, and it was OK. He’s a good guy, which is the point of this story.

Also, if I ever start a middle-aged ladies punk band, we are totally calling ourselves Compensatory Hemsworth.



  1. I do not have the words to express how much I love this post.

    Me. Speechless.

    I am now making it a life goal to be in your band.

    • Thanks. 🙂

  2. LOVE this post…between Compensatory Hemsworth and “it’s the brand name that’s the important thing” I almost snorted tea through my nose. HA!

    • We do a lot of laughing in these parts. It’s actually how we met – I was telling a joke in the student lounge at university, he was sitting at the next table and laughed.

  3. I did not read this post, so as to avoid spoilers – thanks for the warning. Having only just recently emerged from a virtual bubble as far as 21st century TV shows are concerned, I have heard of this show but know absolutely nothing about it.

    Just finished watching The Wire last night (oh my god, I really think it might be one of the greatest shows, ever) and looking for something new to alternate with Gilmore Girls (just starting season 4) so maybe I’ll check it out…

    • Yup, The Wire is damn near perfect television. It’s one of the few shows we own on DVD – it’s just that good. I mean, so gut-wrenching. But brilliant.

      You’d like Fringe, I think. It owes an obvious debt to The X-Files but the meta-narrative moves along at a nice clip and there are very few loose ends lying around.

  4. Compensatory Hemsworth – that husband is GOLD. And I loved Fringe. LOVED it. I was so sad when …. shit, no spoilers. I’ll email you.

    • Don’t tell me! But I already cry every few episodes. The Peter / Walter relationship just tears my heart out and stomps on it.

  5. PH has dreams like this. He chases me around the whole day asking me why I am divorcing him.

    *head shake*

    I guess I’ll add Fringe to my to-be-watched list.

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