Posted by: Hannah | 11/21/2015

day 21

How is it only five weeks until Christmas? How??

I think the weather is throwing me off. We’re supposed to be going to a Santa Claus parade tomorrow night and it’s pouring rain. It’s 10C and the heat is turned off. This is all fine, but I need a few starry-eyed snowfalls to really get me in the spirit.

I woke up this morning knowing I needed to get things done, and I went on a five-hour marathon of Accomplishing Tasks With Efficiency & Competence. I dropped the car off at the garage for an oil change and winter tire installation, and put in my Christmas Lego order – this was all before 8:30 and I hadn’t even had coffee yet. Then we went for groceries and came back home to pick the car up again before the garage closes. Back to town to pick Ron up from art class, then stopped by one roadside vendor to buy a wreath and another different vendor to buy fish for dinner. Made a quick stop to grab a birthday gift for a neighbour kid’s party tomorrow, then back home for lunch.

I need to clean the house, but now I don’t want to. I got wet and cold while out running errands, it seems highly-unlikely that the parade will actually happen thanks to the truly miserable forecast, and the kids are all actually being quiet in other rooms. I had a long work week; it was good, in that I had professional successes, but exhausting.

(Toilet training one child while transitioning a new 17-month-old is, surprise! really tiring).

I guess maybe I should concede defeat and just sit quietly for a bit. Lord knows the mess will still be here later.



  1. As far as I am concerned, you win Saturday. I have yet to put on pants (which I suppose is also a bit of a win) and have just served lunch. Don’t bother looking at the clock. It’s late. The weather is bringing me down. I need sunlight and/or snow asap and thanks to your epic to do list I am reminded of my own shortcomings in this department.

    I know everything will get done, but right this minute, it feels too far away to even raise a Christmassy red flag.

    I really wanted to take the kids to the big parade this evening, but this rain is harshing my mellow and I can’t seem to drum up the Buddy in me to go.

    I am also in a NaBloPoMo deficit and that is causing me stOOpid stress which is so not the point, right?

    At least I have my Tea Advent to look forward to! That’s a positive. 🙂

  2. Holy crap, please allow me to give you retroactive dispensation for all that cleaning I really hope you didn’t do last night. You are a machine.

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