Posted by: Hannah | 11/24/2015

day 24

November is almost over, and it didn’t start wearing on me until this morning.

I suspect it’s because I’m staring down the barrel of two PD days in a row this week. In a row! WHAT THE SHIT, SCHOOL BOARD?? They are off tomorrow, off Thursday, back for Friday, then the weekend. Would it have killed them to do the two days off as Thursday & Friday? WOULD IT???

*breathes deeply*

It’ll be fine, I’m sure.

At least this year we got the report cards before parent-teacher night. This has never happened before, which was just baffling, if you ask me. It somehow managed to make both parent-teacher AND the report card completely irrelevant; as a parent I didn’t have anything specific to ask about during the meeting, and then when the report card came there were no surprises.


I rummaged through the mitten box this morning because the temperature has dropped 20 degrees since yesterday – it’s cold out there – and realized that I forgot to buy more, even though I planned to a couple months ago. So then I felt stupid. Then I had to think about whether or not snowpants were a good idea today (I decided against it and I’m feeling really guilty now, because the wind is pretty cold). I’m getting a migraine and my brain hurts. NOVEMBER. FROM HELL’S HEART I STAB AT THEE.

On the plus side, George did his entire swimming lesson last night with a smile on his face, and he went to preschool this morning without a fuss. I think maybe we’ve turned a corner on the whole “I can’t ever be away from Mommy” thing. I’m going away this weekend, though, so we’ll see.



  1. I’m just going to focus on the going away part for a minute because November is talking its toll on me, too.

    Yay, you! Away! Away! It sounds so exotic!

    Have fun!

    Meanwhile, today is Thing 1’s fake Friday because Bus Cluster (this is just the oddest thing ever and even after three years back I don’t get it), PD/Parent-Teacher interviews, then We Day Friday. So he’s done. Two whole days of school. Any wonder he’s so tired all the time. 😉

  2. You’re going away this weekend and it’s not to my house? *cries softly into huge pillow*

    But, about the PD days…why? Why would they do that in the middle of the week? It makes no sense and that is coming from someone who has dealt with the CBE for the past seven years.

    • It’s even a girls’ weekend, which is delightful, but I wish you and Allison could be there, too. WE WOULD HAVE SO MUCH FUN. Every person coming seems to be bringing multiple things to eat, so we’re going to have enough food for 15 people even though there are only seven of us.

      And oh, the November PD days. The kids have missed FOUR DAYS of school this month. Four non-consecutive days! November 11th is Remembrance Day, so no school; back on the 12th, off again on the 13th. Then the two days this week, again mid-week. My best theory is that parents were complaining about all the PD days coming on Fridays (“oh, it’s just the teachers wanting three day weekends, blah blah blah”) so the school board started having them throughout the week instead. THANKS FOR NOTHING, JERK PARENTS. Now we get two Mondays in a week!!

  3. Aw, frig, I hadn’t thought about that for the PD days, is that really it? All my teacher friends actually DO stuff on PD days, so it kind of pisses me off when people assume they’re all just holidays for them. That reallly sucks for you, though. Yay for G. Yay for girls’ week-ends – I’ve had two consecutive girls’ week-ends, so I’m actually looking forward to some introvert time this wk, but I hope you have SO MUCH fun. Eat until bursting and laugh until breathless.

  4. UGH earlier this month Oldest had no school on a Th, and F then again M and T the following week. Why?? Why not just make it all in the same week? Of course he was again off all this week for Thanksgiving. So, to recap of the 20 possible school days in November, he’s been off for 9! Youngest had a similar schedule in October. WHY DON’T MY CHILDREN HAVE SCHOOL???

    Sorry, feeling a little frazzled. I plan to calm myself with copious amounts of pie this afternoon

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