Posted by: Hannah | 11/30/2015

day 30

Well, I didn’t meet the challenge of posting every day in November.

I was fully expecting to do so – I was nearly there! – but then life intervened. Some paid editing work landed in my lap and the deadline was yesterday. Eighty pages of dense writing, in a policy paper for the European Commission and written by several different folks, not one a native English speaker. My job was to take out all the ESL hiccups and make it more readable.

I assumed it would take eight hours. It took almost double that. I’ve had a miserable cold for days now and there were several instances where I had to read the same sentence over and over (and over) through a dense fog of chamomile tea and Advil, trying to make sense of all the million-dollar “I-wrote-this-with-a-thesaurus-check-out-my-awesome-english” words.

It’s very hard admit that I can’t do everything… but I can’t. Just to finish the editing job I had to get up at 5AM on both Saturday and Sunday. I had to let all the chores go, try to ignore the kids, skip making the cookies I’d promised, miss out on my girls’ weekend (that was mostly because I was sick and didn’t feel it would be safe for me to try driving ten hours in two days, mind you)… it was pretty humbling.

The good news is that I woke up this morning feeling almost human. I managed to get the outdoor lights up on Friday when it was unseasonably warm & sunny, so that’s done. This week we have a Christmas concert and we’ll be getting our tree up on Sunday. Tomorrow I can finally crack into my David’s Tea Advent calendar. I made it through November – traditionally a really hard month for me – without putting on five pounds of weight from eating Grey Depressing Landscape chips.

I’m listening to Bing Crosby’s entire Christmas music catalogue on Spotify. We’re about to go outside and enjoy the cold sunny day.

Thanks for following along this past month. I appreciate each and every one of you. It never ceases to amaze me that people take the time to read my ramblings.



  1. You did great! I’ve loved your posts this month. Hope when you’re feeling better and back in the groove you’ll be posting more often again. Even a little Hannah is good Hannah!

  2. I thought I’d do it too, but it unfolded in a new way. I can’t complain. I was writing, just not necessarily on my blog. I have a 30 in 30 plan usually. Some days have more than one post. If I play my cards right today will have, like 9, to make up for my NaNooNaNoo shortcomings. :p

    I am very pleased with November’s behaviour. Aside from a few grey and very rainy days, we had it made in the shade – er – sun! It’s freezing out this morning and I am thrilled because of the sun.

    Good job on the editing. It takes a lot of effort to make someone else look/sound good without taking away their voice/person. It is a greatly under-appreciated skill.

    Now I am going to find Bing. Maybe that’s just what I need.

  3. I read every one of your posts, and not just during November, although I never comment. Just wanted to thank you for your writing, so wise and witty.

    • That’s such a lovely thing to say! I’m having kind of a crummy day, too, so I really needed to hear something cheerful. Thank you for reading, and for saying hello!

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