Posted by: Hannah | 12/09/2015

elfing ain’t easy

When November ends I’m always so determined to keep up a more regular blogging schedule. Maybe not every day, I’ll think, but definitely three times a week. Lots of bloggers update at least that often. Surely I can do it, too!

It never sticks. December is always busy, and before you know it I’m sitting under the tree drinking Bailey’s and suddenly realizing it’s been over a week since I posted.

We’ve had two Christmas holiday Hanukkah random mentions of Diwali / Kwanzaa / Ramadan winter concerts, trimmed the tree, baked some cookies, decorated the house, shopped with and without the children, and visited Santa at the mall.


An hour until quitting time and Santa looks like he’s had a hard day.

Christmas is such an odd season for me. I always say I don’t go overboard, and I don’t think I do. We don’t have an elf on the shelf. We don’t host a big dinner. We only do a little family visiting because we just don’t have much family in the vicinity. We don’t fly or drive long distances. We say no a lot, I don’t wrap the presents that go in the stockings, and Saint Nicolas doesn’t put anything into shoes.

And yet it still seems to take a lot of time to accomplish everything.

Case in point: Christmas cards. Every year we get a friend to take some nice pictures, and I use whichever online site makes me happiest to design cards. I handwrite the addresses because that seems nice, and I generally have them in the mail by December 10th. This year, though, the wheels came off.

First, I left it a little too late to book my friend, because she’s become a pretty popular photographer and I should have booked her back in August. Then it rained on the first weekend she could squeeze us in so we had to wait an extra week. George was an utter pill on picture day and decided that the camera was going to steal his soul, which meant a lot of cajoling and going “oh well, this will be funny someday”.

spot the twerp

spot the twerp

Then when the prints were ordered, Costco colour-corrected them, undoing all my friend’s careful editing work and making us all look like the undead. They had to be ordered a second time. We couldn’t coordinate our schedules for delivery until yesterday, when we quite literally met up in a parking lot and I swapped a handful of cash for a plain brown envelope.

Got home, made a cup of tea, settled in during naptime to design a card. Wal-Mart! They are fast. And cheap.

Wal-Mart’s online photo centre no longer exists???? WHAAAAA????

Staples – too expensive.

All the US sites I’ve used in the past – nope, not with a 72-cent dollar.

Vistaprint! I even have an account with them! OKAY! Designed a lovely card. Will have to pay premium shipping to get it here on time but whatever, it’s within Canada, this will be fine! Now, how many do I order? I’ll just check my address list. I can’t find it. Why can’t I find it? I comb through every folder and file on my computer before I remember something.



No, I didn’t have it backed up anywhere, why would you ask that?

Anyway, eventually I realized that I saved last year’s cards – I cut them up and recycle them as gift tags – so if nothing else I’ll at least be able to send one to everyone who sent one to me last year. I’m still annoyed, though.


Today I only have one extra kid – Daisy – so I figured it would be a good opportunity to Get Elf Shit Done. I did up the one parcel I have to mail every year, to my sister’s kids. This took longer than it needed to because of all the help I had (thanks, kids) but it finally was ready to go. There was no line at the post office (whee! bonus!) and so when I got home I decided to make the sugar cookie dough, because it needs to chill at least overnight anyway.

Daisy sneezed in the dough. Refrigeration kills germs, right?

I was all set to make the gingerbread cookie dough, too, but of course I forgot to put enough butter out to soften, so that won’t happen. Maybe tonight? Oh no, not tonight, I agreed to help bake for the school breakfast program tonight because I never learn, ever.




  1. I’m sorry but I laughed my head off at your plight! I sent your card yesterday X

  2. January cards are nice too! They extend the season, so don’t worry if you can’t get them out in time.

    I am pretty sure refrigeration does kill germs 🙂

    That picture is AWESOME.

    I saw one of those video thingies about softening butter. Put really hot water on a glass, dump it out, dry the glass, set it over the butter (obv glass must fit over butter). Leave it for a minute. Apparently it works. I’ll try it because if I forget to set out butter I always attempt to use the microwave, and then it’s half solid, half liquid.

  3. Crap. That reminds me. I need to do Christmas cards.

  4. I…
    Haven’t done anything yet! I still have knitting, card making, baking, etc. to do.

    I’m not above doing everything late though.

  5. Baking in the oven also kills germs 🙂
    I don’t send Christmas cards. It saves a lot of hassle. I claim it’s because I am thinking of The Environment and The Trees, but in reality it’s mainly because I am very lazy.

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