Posted by: Hannah | 04/07/2016

So many random thoughts careening around in my head this week. I’ve got the attention span of a bee in a field of dandelions.

The gym

Yes, I’m still going. Yes, I’m still enjoying it, although now that I’m over my first flush of “hey, I did it!” I am getting frustrated with myself and the wreck I’ve let my body become. I’m just not strong yet, and I knew that, but there is something humiliating about realizing just how weak I actually am. Also, my left knee is really starting to hurt – it’s an old injury, from way back in junior high, and it’s distressing to feel it acting up again. Being out of shape is one thing. Being actually hurt so you can’t do exercise A or B even though you really want to is panic-inducing. It’s “OMG what if I never can get fit again because I’ve let it get too far”. It’s scary. I’m pushing through, and if my knee continues to worsen I’ll talk to the trainer and see what suggestions he has.

Star Wars: Rogue One

The new trailer dropped today and yes, it’s freaking awesome, and yes, I’m thrilled that it once again has a strong female lead. Predictably, the men’s rights activists are out in force (heh) crying that it’s a terrible thing to be so marginalized in society. I mean, it’s really hard for them, going to an action movie and seeing a protagonist that they can’t immediately relate to because Different, And Also Vaginas.

My Badge of Honour (skip if not into baseball)

Sort-of related to the previous bit, I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I was disappointed in John Gibbons’ comment “maybe they want us to wear dresses” when asked about a controversial call related to the new “Chase Utley” slide rule. In brief, Jose Bautista slid into second, interfering with the double play in progress, and because the MLB has made that a no-no ever since Utley broke Ruben Tejada’s leg last season he was (rightly) called out.

Gibbons, I have never much cared for you as a manager. I especially disdained your laconic Texas bullshit back during your first stint as a Jays manager. I hated watching you sprawl on the bench, manspreading like a champ, scratching your testicles for seven innings of mediocre baseball before bestirring yourself to make pointless pitching changes just to show how very important you were. Last season you seemed better – more engaged, anyway – and I was willing to give you another chance. I was even willing to give you a pass on your initial stupid comment, given that you were a) still mad; b) pissed about losing; c) speaking off the cuff. After everyone pointed out that equating traditional femininity with weakness was a bonehead thing to do, though? That was your moment to say “oops, I goofed”, not “yeah, well, my wife & my daughter said it didn’t bother them, so lighten up, 50% of the population”.

Anyway, I tweeted that I was disappointed in Gibbons and immediately a bearded dude-bro replied to me that I was a “social justice warrior [who would] ruin the world”.

I’m inordinately pleased that I’ve drawn the ire of the MRA crowd. I’m sure I won’t feel so smug about it if they start being threatening and sending me dick pics, but for now anyway it’s amusing.

We’ve Reached Peak Internet

Today was report card day in Nova Scotia, and I saw a friend post on Facebook about how proud her daughter was to get straight As. I was stunned when several people immediately posted comments about how report cards are meaningless, the system is broken, passing & failing are irrelevant, etc etc. Not one word of congratulations for the CHILD who was proud of being recognized for doing their best.

Folks, if you’ve got so much time on your hands that you can turn a proud parent giving her daughter a moment in the spotlight for her accomplishments into a rant about everything wrong with western education… well. You need to get out more, is what I’m saying.

Incidentally, my kids’ report cards were awesome – straight As on the actual academic portion, and top marks on the learner profile except, funnily enough, on the line “strives to produce quality work”, where they both scored a step down. “Those are MY children” said Michael, oddly proud yet rueful.




  1. Congratulations to your children who are RUINING THE WORLD by buying into the meaningless report card system and probably ALSO WEAR DRESSES SOMETIMES and I bet your knee wouldn’t hurt if you were a MAN.

    (Did I do it right?)

    • LOLOLOL, that’s about the extent of it, yeah.

      They also eat gluten.

      • Well. Clearly the end of the world is nigh and it is ALL THEIR FAULT.

  2. Oh god this was me at the gym this winter. I still glance up in the mirror and wonder who that round woman is…oh shit that’s me. Turns out, if you manage your stress with eating and weigh the same as you did nine months pregnant with a huge baby, you have to work really hard to fix it. The good news is!! I am no longer frighteningly weak. So, that’s satisfying. The bad news is, I can get strong but I can’t lose weight because I’m still nursing which makes my body CLING to fat like we’re all about to starve amd I’m going to have to nurse the world…Anyway, good luck. You’ll feel stronger soon!

    • Oh, thank dog there are no mirrors at my gym! I’d have to be drunk just to attempt a workout.

  3. Okay, WTF. Seriously, WTF??? And yes, I’m referring to the Debbie Downers about report cards. Let’s just celebrate happiness, mmmkay, and not make it all about US? JFC this makes me cross (see what I did there?). Also, yay for the gym and watch that knee – definitely mention it to the instructor. They are trained to give modifications for things like that. And knees are hard to heal, as you know.

    • I can’t believe you made a crucifix joke. I love you.

  4. I so admire you for getting back to the gym. I keep trying and failing to get myself there. It’s a mental block more than anything now, although I do have foot and knee problems that make a lot of exercises problematic.
    I know people on Twitter that are constantly deluged with insults and threats by MRAs and I don’t have a clue how they don’t buckle under all the hate. You can’t just not say anything, but when you do, Jesus Christ the blowback is scary.
    I couldn’t believe the comments on that post either. I understand feeling defensive if your kid didn’t get great marks, but then maybe just let the post go by.

    • Those comments were awful. Just… wow.

  5. Oh man, I am happy to have escaped the bearded dude bros after years of harassment from that Amanda Todd post I did. You know someone created a new wordpress site dedicated to calling me “evil” and screen capping my replies to trolls?

    • Jesus, I had no idea. That’s terrible.

  6. Also those report card parents need to STOP BEING SO EFFING DEFENSIVE.

    • Everything’s a competition, I guess. And if it appears you are losing the competition, attack! Or something.

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