Posted by: Hannah | 01/17/2017

in which I try try again

January always makes me feel like writing again.

It’s kind of a lonely time. I’m indoors a lot more than usual – even hardy me and my strict get the hell outside, it’s good for you, may I discuss Finland’s outdoor schools with you philosophy struggles when the temperatures drop below -10C. The kids’ extra-curricular schedule is lighter because I like any excuse to not be driving over messy roads night after night.

We’re in the doldrums. My sails hang droopy and crackly with ice. Add in that all my favourite people from Twitter are rarely there anymore, driven away by the constant and relentless barrage of PEOTUS-related garbage (PEEOTUS)? and suddenly I don’t have a place to interact with adults during my workday.

This space is neglected. It’s the first symptom of my total lack of self-care – leaving this space to gather cobwebs. If I can’t take the time to write, I am not taking the time to do anything that’s for me. And that’s a problem.

I need to stop writing for an audience, too. I’m pretty sure everyone’s left. Blogging is dead, long live blogging! Everyone’s gone to Instagram, they tell me. I tried that while we were in Florida (more on that in another post) and all that happened was a friend of a friend who I’ve never met, will never meet, and wouldn’t know from Adam followed my family vacation pictures. I’m sure I could lock the account down (or delete it altogether, which is more likely) but it just made me feel weird. Remember back when blogs were for the wider world and your social media accounts were more circumspect? I still don’t follow anyone I haven’t at least had one interaction with. Call me a curmudgeon but why would you follow the Instagram of someone you’re two steps removed from, unless they are actively promoting something?


Let’s see… what am I into now?

TV – The Crown, Jane the Virgin. We finally cut the cable altogether last week. We agonized over the decision probably more than we needed to, but after about 36 hours of feeling oddly unsettled it was fine. Of course less than a week later the telecom company called to ask if we didn’t want to add TV to our current bundle (no) at a special introductory rate (still no) and after me refusing with steadily-decreasing politeness three times I finally just hung up on her. You don’t get paid commission, sweetheart, so don’t push me. Seriously. Your call metrics look BAD if the customer hangs up.

Movies – Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. It’s turned out that being almost 39 means you completely run out of fucks to give on paying $12.99 to see Oscar-bait art pieces with tortured protagonists and probably an Affleck. I’m all about the big-budget splashouts these days. I would like to see La-La Land but as a lifelong fan of musicals that’s kind of a given. Probably going to John Wick 2 in February because the first one kicked all the ass.

Books – My Kindle left home. Seriously, it disappeared. I have NO IDEA where it went. It always lived by my bed and one day it just wasn’t there anymore, so I’m sort of flailing around lost, trying not to admit that I probably need to replace it because I must have left it somewhere. While we were on vacation I tried to read Lock In by John Scalzi but I was too tired and overstimulated to focus on it properly… neat premise, but there were too damn many characters and since a part of that premise means some characters are actually two people I was woefully confused. In the absence of my brain, I’m rereading the last four books of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

Music – I am the only person on earth who isn’t familiar with the soundtrack to Hamilton.

Food – Soup. Hearty homemade soup. I’ve become that person.

Snack food – Triscuits, olives, and cheese. I’m also THAT person.

Video game – I don’t know, I miss video games. I’ve been contemplating tackling the one Zelda title I own but never finished.

Beauty product – Dry shampoo. Yes, I’m years behind the curve on this one but whatever, I always get there eventually, and this stuff is amazing for my busy life (and the decreasing availability of shower time now that I have a kid in junior high).

Tea – Twinings Christmas blend. We bought it at Epcot and I’m greedily parceling out the 20 bags, trying to make it last.

Well, George just noticed I was sitting peacefully and writing, so he’s decided nothing will satisfy him but getting my attention. God, that kid (also a story for another time). Hopefully it won’t be three months before I write again.



  1. Yay! You’re here!

  2. THERE you are. I’m not familiar with the soundtrack to Hamilton either – I never get into a soundtrack until I’ve seen a show, and that’s clearly going to take a while. That SUCKS about your Kindle. I mean, what the hell? Not cool. Strangely, while many people look forward to reading more on vacation, I tend to vacation from reading – I rarely crack a book at all away from home. I liked Lock In, though – maybe you can try it again.

  3. So good to see you back! We also cut the TV cord several months ago and went Netflix only – well, we also got an antenna so we can get a few local channels and I can still watch Jeopardy. It’s been great, I can’t believe how much we struggled with the decision also.

    And I’m also looking forward to John Wick 2! I thought my husband was going to love that movie, but it turned out I liked it so much more than him. Is that weird? You must watch this:

    Also, just bought Lock In for my husband for his birthday in a couple of weeks. Hope he likes it better than you did!

    • My husband LOVED Lock In and I really liked the concept, I just couldn’t follow it worth a damn. Probably because I was vacationing and up every night sitting in the hot tub with a glass of wine and then trying to read when I finally got into bed. 😀

  4. I don’t know why, but I prefer listening to John Scalzi, then reading it. Though, the audioversions can be hard to find (I used Audible because I couldn’t find the digital versions at my library at the time). Also, I preferred “Redshirts” and “The Android’s Dream” over “Lock In”

    • *than, not then. I don’t listen then read. I sten. Full stop. Lordy.

    • My favourite Scalzi is Old Man’s War.

  5. So nice to see a post!

  6. I’m still here and I’ve never heard Hamilton either!

  7. I’m absurdly late to this post, but will comment anyway because I miss blogs and am so glad you posted! I never blogged mostly because they really took off just as I had Oldest and for the real heyday of blogging I was frantic just dealing with a child and a FT job but I read tons of blogs and miss them. I’ve been mainly off twitter for the reasons you mentioned and I guess I’m just too damned old to invest in yet another platform so no Instagram or Snapchat for me.

    ANYWAY, I reached the too damned old to pay an absurd amount for award winning movie dramas for the most part as well. Real life is already intense enough, I want to be entertained by things that are mostly light. This means I almost never see movies in the theater unless they are kids’ movies that I’m taking the kids to. Sigh. As for TV, I have been totally enjoying Blackish and can’t recommend it enough. It is a perfect mix of hilarious and serious. Typing this though I realize I don’t even watch much TV anymore. I seem to be hiding in fantasy books because my need for escapism is reaching an all time high.

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