Posted by: Hannah | 03/22/2017

in which March once again kicks my ass


And every year this lasts until about mid-March, when I simply cannot take it anymore.

The fact that my annual meltdown coincides with March Break is almost certainly not a coincidence.

The last couple of years I have pushed through March Break with a combination of daily outings, ample screen time for my own kids, lots of treats and fun dinners in the evenings, and a general air of “it’s a vacation, let’s treat it like one”. It works, mostly, but it’s still exhausting.

Then on Monday morning… school was cancelled. There was a snowfall overnight and the forecast was calling for freezing rain, and so the decision was made not to send them.

It was a long day.

I had nothing planned to keep older kids amused. The weather was too crappy to play outside. The youngest dayhome kid had a streaming head cold and should have been at home resting. I had completely redone my living room the day before and just wanted a little time in the afternoon (hellooooo, naptime!) to sit quietly in it with a cup of tea but alas, it was not to be.

Then last night Ron started vomiting right before dinner. And Harry grew out of all of his clothes basically overnight so I had to take him shopping – and all the stores had summer gear only. And I woke up with a throbbing migraine and HEY GUESS WHAT NO SCHOOL AGAIN TODAY.

(Yes, it’s a previously-scheduled PD day. Yes, there is one every year the week after March Break. Yes, every year I think it’s bullshit even though I am usually #teamteacher. There is always bad weather in NS this time of year and the kids end up with one week off and then a second week all broken into bits).

So my point here is that March sucks. It suuuuuuucks. Yes, there will be the odd day – like today – when the sun comes out and the temp goes just above freezing. You can tell when it hits 5C because Canadians ditch their gloves, hats, coats – even their pants – in a desperate attempt to A) pretend that 5C is warm and winter is over and B) to soak up all the sweet sweet vitamin D they can because deep down we all know it’s just a tease. Yes, the birds will start to come back and the tulips will start poking their little green shoots up through the snow. The time change will happen so the sun doesn’t set until 7PM. These are all good things.

And yet.

This is the time of year when I could vacuum three times a day and not even make a dent because the dog & cats are all shedding their winter coats. Mittens are getting lost. Boots are getting too tight. There is enough snow on the ground that the kids need to wear snowpants but there are also mud puddles everywhere so they really ought to be in splash pants instead, and guess how waterproof snow boots aren’t? We are all tired of root vegetables and hearty comfort food but the fresh veggies are only *just* making an appearance in the stores, and those at extortionate prices.

We are just all bloody damn tired of winter, is what I’m saying, and after doing my best to jolly everyone along during January and February (and half of March) I have nothing left in the tank.

Wake me when it’s April.





  1. You are speaking to my heart. I was just saying to my husband after an extended rant about how things I can’t control are really depressing me/wearing me out that I suspect I feel this way every March because at this time of year everything just seems like too much.

    I’m tired of winter, tired of constant grey skies and rain, tired of my job, etc. This year things are exacerbated by the fact that we had 10 snow days in December and January that nearly ended my will to live, we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and my house is a chaotic mess, and my dad is having health problems. Bottom line: I just need to survive the next few weeks and come out the other side of the Winter blahs. Perhaps I will lie to myself for awhile and tell myself that some day I will live south of the 45 parallel somewhere sunny and warm 😉

    • Remodeling your kitchen! In the wintertime! Sweet baby Jesus, no.

      I hope your dad is doing OK.

  2. Lousy Smarch weather.

  3. It IS bullshit having a P.D. day the week after March Break. And that is all i have the wherewithal to muster right now, because April has not been Aprilly enough yet.

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