Hodge podge is a blend of spring vegetables, cooked in butter and cream. It’s a simple meal, greater than the sum of its parts. This space will be like that. Recipes, politics, parenting, sex, money, aging, weight loss. I am choosing to remain semi-anonymous so I don’t censor myself too much. Suffice it to say I am a work-at-home mother of three boys under 7, I’ve been blogging since 2005, I was a late but enthusiastic convert to Twitter and I have nearly kicked my sick addiction to Facebook. I watch the news every day but I also watch TLC. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend. I am painfully shy underneath my chatty exterior.



  1. Your secret is safe with me! ; )

  2. Wow….this is the first time I’ve met anyone other than my mother who knows about hodge podge! It was my absolute favourite food growing up. I am not at all a cooking sort, so I never make it….I don’t have a recipe! If you happen to have a recipe, I’d love it. For now, I’ll just drool over your picture…

  3. I just wanted to say Thank you for your Little House in The Big Woods recaps.
    My daughter just turned 6, and I’ve started reading it aloud to her at bedtime. I’m enjoying the nostalgia of it, she’s experiencing it for the first time.

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