The Family

Me. Age 34.

My husband Michael.

My oldest son, Harry. Age 6.

My second son, Ron. Age 4

Baby G., born January 6, 2012.  My third son and last baby.

The Dayhome Kids 

Arthur – 5 years old. The leader when Harry is in school. Currently on maternity leave, returning with his baby sister fall 2012.

Pixie –  2 years old. Huge smile, winning personality, diva in training.

Louis – 2 years old. Glasses, quiet voice, loves cars & trains above all else.

Luna – 22 months. Part time only. Runs on tip toe, potty-trained herself, isn’t super-verbal but loves dancing.



  1. Hannah, I am so glad I clicked on your link today. 8) Love your blog, and you are in the box today at YSaC! Congratulations.

    • Hey, thanks very much! I love being in the box… to an indecent level, actually. YAY ME!

  2. Wondering if you might have space for another cast member in the Spring? I’ll need details…namely…well…where you’re located exactly. And how much you actually charge. But I’ll be returning to work in the Spring after my maternity leave and will need someone to watch my little guy. Looking at potential viable options.

    • Erica: I emailed you!

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